Achieving reliable and repeatable recovery plans continues to be a major driving force behind virtualization today. However, even with virtualization helping reduce cost and complexity, the simple fact remains: your investment in DR is only as good as when you need it.

The CAPEX / OPEX your business invests in infrastructure supporting DR brings benefits only when a disaster strikes or proactive testing is required. This challenge in ROI causes many companies to see DR as a luxury they can afford to operate without – ultimately putting their business, their employees, and their customers at risk.


VeriStor’s Cloud Continuity for VMware vSphere helps address this risk by helping your business realize the benefits of a reliable and repeatable recovery plan with an ‘on-demand’ payment model that provides you immediate access to our secure standby resources only when and where you need it.

Built on a core set of leading-edge virtualization technologies, our unique cloud infrastructure design helps IT organizations already leveraging virtualization make a seamless transition of their primary services and applications to our standby cloud resources in a simple and cost-effective way… and with the security and reliability that your business depends on.

Our solution offers a unique combination of options and benefits, including:

  • Agile compute, network, and storage resource design allowing immediate, on-the-fly expansion or contraction of resources when needed
  • Fully modular, redundant compute cloud built on VMware vSphere technology
  • Highly flexible ‘virtualized network’ providing customized, fully segmented network and routing topologies per customer
  • Fully block-virtualized storage tiers designed to meet a wide-range of application and database IO workloads
  • Support for asynchronous array and host based replication models
  • Customizable RPO / RTO to meet application and business requirements
  • All services fully monitored, managed, and logged via VeriStor’s secured 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Highly secure network and server infrastructure meeting multiple compliances in PCI-DSS / HIPAA / HITECH / SOX
  • New! – Support for TrendMicro SecureCloud providing AES 128 or 256 bit data encryption for virtual machines with hosted key-management
  • Fully integrated IPS and IDS services with optional Anti-Virus protection services
  • All infrastructure and operation systems housed in secure SAS 70 Type II and SSAE-16 compliant datacenters


Designed from the ground up to provide a unique combination of security and flexibility, VeriStor’s Cloud Continuity for VMware vSphere offers secure and encrypted access to a pool of managed, fully-redundant virtualized compute and storage resources, forming a robust and optimized infrastructure that can dynamically scale up or down to support a variety of different workload sizes. Replication of your virtual machines and application data are secured and encrypted via VeriStor’s managed IPSEC VPN and MPLS network.

For customers demanding higher levels of data protection and security, Cloud Continuity now provides full support for TrendMicro SecureCloud. This fully hosted key-management platform provides AES-128 and 256 bit data encryption per virtual machine. This unique service allows customers to ensure that all data replicated to our cloud data centers are fully encrypted and only accessible by the customer.

Our unique approach to network virtualization provides a high-level of flexibility and simplicity for primary environments with complex VLAN, routing, and external data-source requirements. This approach dramatically improves your IT organizations ability to meet the recovery objectives of your business. In the event of a test or a real disaster, secure end-user access is provided via our fully managed SSL VPN network, giving your end-users access to the data and applications you need to get your business back up and running.


VMware_Professional_Service_Provider_LogoAs both a VMware Premier Partner and Professional Service Provider, our infrastructure is specifically designed to leverage the latest in vSphere ESXi and VMware VAAI technologies, offering full integration with VMware vSphere, vStorage, and vDS based feature sets. This core set of technologies provides you with a seamless transition of your existing VMware environment into one of our secured hosting facilities as well as support for advanced fail-over / fail-back automation capabilities providing customers with more efficient and cost-effective RTO’s that are in line with their business requirements.


We’ve designed our cloud infrastructure from the ground up to meet the demands and needs of organizations both big and small, across all verticals. With VeriStor’s Cloud Continuity for VMware vSphere, our focus in design and delivery is to provide a reliable and repeatable recovery solution giving you uncompromising flexibility, fortified security, and reliable results at a cost that is in line with your business.