Not all information is equally important, nor does every piece of information have the same requirements for access and protection throughout it’s lifecycle. Data Management and Archiving systems manage information based upon policy, ensuring that specific data sets are retained, protected, and, in many cases, ultimately deleted, according to defined legal and business requirements.

Beyond just the massive increase in the amount of digital information overall, the need for Digital Archiving has exploded due to two fundamental drivers:

  • Data Management & Infrastructure Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance & Legal/E-Discovery


Studies show that in most organizations, 80% or more of data has not been accessed in over 60 days… yet this data continues to live in production servers and on expensive primary storage systems, consuming unnecessary capacity, bandwidth, and process cycles.

VeriStor can provide systems that integrate easily and provide administrators with policy-based control of where specific records are stored at different times in the data or information ‘lifecycle’.

These systems pay for themselves nearly immediately, by reducing storage hardware and software costs, freeing up tier-1 storage, CPU, and network resources, and improving overall data protection; while at the same time reducing or eliminating the dependence on traditional disk and tape-based ‘backup’ systems.


VeriStor provides digital archiving solutions for Regulatory Compliance Applications, such as:

  • Financial: SEC 17a4, Check 21, PCI DSS
  • Healthcare: HIPAA / HITECH
  • Cross Industry: Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

VeriStor can help companies subject to these regulations quickly implement proven, supportable systems to meet compliance, while at the same time improving the operations and lowering the cost of their existing storage infrastructure.


Even if a company is not subject to specific regulatory compliance rules, there are still increasing requirements for digital archiving for litigation support and E-Discovery applications. Ongoing changes in the legal aspects of how digital information is managed and stored (such as the current Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)) make it imperative that all organizations have an effective and enforceable set of policies and infrastructure to support retention, access control, immutability, and disposition (deletion) of certain data sets.

The costs associated with E-discovery for the ever-increasing number of litigation-related information requests can be staggering… beyond the even more significant impact of potential lawsuit losses in the event that requested data cannot be provided.

In addition to architecting and delivering customer-owned and managed turnkey Archiving Solutions, VeriStor also offers Managed and Cloud-based Secure Archive Services, available on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis.