What is DevOps?

DevOps describes the combination of cultural changes and technical solutions required to accelerate software development product delivery from inception to production. This is achieved through a high level of organizational collaboration and systems integration between Development and IT Operations to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the release process.

The realities of today’s marketplace dictate that Development and IT Operations organizations can no longer function independently of one other – but must collaborate and integrate to achieve the shared objectives of the business.

Simply put, DevOps is the intersection at which Development and IT Operations meet.

Today’s DevOps builds on the efficiencies gained in development by adopting Agile Methodologies and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, and adds operational improvements through the automation and orchestration of key infrastructure tasks and integrating those tightly to the development process.

VeriStor takes an end-to-end approach by identifying the both the cultural changes necessary for a DevOps transformation, as well as the technical solutions required for implementation. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the community with key industry partnerships and extensive real-world experience, we have developed a set of continually evolving enablement services and solutions to quickly define, empower and accelerate any organization’s journey to DevOps.

The VeriStor DevOps Services portfolio helps organizations increase the throughput, quality, and speed at which releases can be deployed. Our solutions include a focus on the necessary feedback loops to allow teams to ‘fail fast’, iterate rapidly, and find defects early in the process – where they are least expensive. The end result is faster product delivery and improvement, higher quality, and lower overall cost to the business.


  • DevOps Readiness Assessment – VeriStor will meet with your Development and IT Operations teams to gauge the current organizational, process and infrastructure readiness for DevOps adoption. Assessments include comprehensive staff interviews and process and tool reviews, resulting in a detailed findings report and set of presentations outlining recommendations for initial and/or continued DevOps-enablement within the organization.
  • DevOps JumpStart – VeriStor delivers an engagement consisting of a DevOps Executive Workshop and a packaged set of core components and services needed to provide a solid foundation for your DevOps transformation. In the executive workshop we work with your management team to establish clear objectives that can be aligned with all stakeholders. With clear goals in hand, we implement proven technical solutions to establish the initial DevOps/CI/CD footprint within the organization and accelerate adoption.
  • DevOps Transformation Gap Analysis – VeriStor offers a detailed DevOps Transformation Gap Analysis for assisting teams already engaged in a DevOps transformation. We will help your organization identify existing / remaining cultural, process, and technology gaps that prohibit successful DevOps initiatives and outline detail and prioritized recommendations.
  • DevOps Executive Workshops – VeriStor maintains partnerships with industry thought leaders in the Agile, DevOps, and Datacenter Infrastructure segments. We can coordinate workshops with industry subject matter experts to better prepare your executive staff for a successful DevOps transformation.
  • DevOps Custom Integrations – Our DevOps team has extensive experience with a wide variety of foundational and emerging DevOps tools. Whether your team needs custom integrations around continuous integration/delivery, automated provisioning, private/public/hybrid cloud integration – we can help. Very often a small middleware component can accelerate the entire process, at a fraction of the cost and deployment time commitment of a full-blown commercial off the shelf application.


As Operations teams find themselves in the midst of “Software Defined Everything” and “X as a Service” initiatives – the necessity to build a deep understanding of how to quickly build, run and support these services has never been greater. In many instances, this requires a more development-centric approach to better align with business objectives and to facilitate an agile, nimble organization.

Development teams, now more than ever, have options for quicker delivery to their customers. However, “faster” isn’t necessarily better if it does not contribute to the goal – in fact, unguided automation may be detrimental to the business – creating enormous backlogs due to upstream operational constraints.

To maximize delivery throughout, Operations teams must partner with and understand the business objectives of their Development counterparts. Through automation, Operations teams become a formidable partner that frees the business with gains in Agility, Velocity, Resiliency, and the freedom to Innovate – keys to being responsive to market demands.


  • Shared Tools/Methodologies across Development and Operations
  • Greater Delivery Throughput
  • Increased Quality of Product
  • Fewer Failures in Production Releases
  • Tight Feedback Loop for Defects
  • Material Reduction in Manual Processes
  • Quicker Time To Market