Achieve the Agile Enterprise

The performance of your infrastructure relies largely on the efficiency of your network. Whether you’re looking to securely connect your branch offices and remote workers or need a reliable, yet agile, infrastructure to support your hybrid cloud, VeriStor has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Network Virtualization

Are you ready to realize the full financial and operational benefits of the cloud? Is your virtualized infrastructure automated and programmable to help you leverage rapid IT service delivery? Let VeriStor help, with the network virtualization solutions you need to optimize your virtual infrastructure and improve user experience. Achieve unified automation, complete visibility and rapid application deployment so that you’re ready for any business demand that’s thrown at you.

Cost-Effective Connectivity

Balancing the cost of high-bandwidth dedicated circuits with application and user requirements can be difficult. The answers to these issues lie in adding intelligence to the network. With the integration of technologies like WAN optimization and Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), VeriStor can architect the network infrastructure you need to achieve cost-effective, secure, and easily deployed connections for users at any of your locations. We can help you leverage low-cost broadband Internet services, in combination with or as a replacement for dedicated infrastructure, to integrate remote locations seamlessly into the enterprise network.

Automated Provisioning

To be agile, your network needs to provision on the fly. We can help you achieve this. From new virtual connections to endpoint admission control, VeriStor can help you manage each of your network devices, streamlining the configuration and fulfillment process.

Visibility and Control

As your business requirements change, the network will need to evolve to suit them. Understanding the underlying pressures on the network is key to making the right decisions about what to change and when. With tools to provide information such as end-to-end application analytics and user behavior analysis, VeriStor can help you gain the insight needed to optimize your network for your organizational needs today and in the future.

Software-Defined Networking

To achieve the truly agile network of the future, you need a network that can keep up with the demands of the cloud. New priorities around security, mobility and Big Data are too much for legacy network infrastructure to support. That’s where the software-defined network steps in.

Using software-defined networking (SDN) you can tap into the value of an intelligent, responsive, programmable and centrally controlled network design – one that’s easier to manage, and keeps pace with today’s diverse and growing workloads. VeriStor can work to align a software-defined network to your business applications and requirements for the agile infrastructure you’ve been clamoring for.