Founded on delivering Advanced Storage Infrastructure Solutions and Services to the Enterprise and Mid-Market, VeriStor brings unmatched expertise, experience, and industry-relationships to Data Storage, Data Protection, and Information Management projects.

Since 2001, VeriStor has leveraged leading edge technologies for primary and secondary storage infrastructure and has emerged as one of the leading solutions and service providers for next generation virtualized storage platforms, such as 3PAR / HP, EqualLogic / Dell, and Compellent / Dell. VeriStor has garnered numerous partner and industry awards (including a number of ‘Partner of the Year’ awards from a variety of vendors) for outstanding performance in delivering customer-centric solutions based upon these technologies.


As an early-adopter of both SAN Virtualization and Block Subsystem Virtualization-based storage solutions, VeriStor is uniquely aware of the benefits brought by these technologies. Since 2004, ALL of VeriStor’s primary tier-1 and tier-2 (and now tier-0/SSD) storage solutions have been based on FULLY-virtualized architectures.

Why? As in other layers of the stack, virtualization is the KEY to advanced functions that can be enabled through software management and automation. Advanced storage services, such as Thin Provisioning and Thin Reclamation, Policy-based Volume- and Block-Level Tiering, Easy and Efficient Snapshots, and Replication are ALL based on the underlying virtualization capabilities of the system. Simply put, the more fully-virtualized the storage subsystem is, the easier these services are to implement…. and the more functional and efficient they become.

In addition, Storage Virtualization delivers the ‘multi-tenant’ and end-to-end management / automation capabilities required for both Public and Private Cloud / Converged Infrastructure Architectures.


Fully-Virtualized Storage Infrastructure delivers data storage and management that is:

  • Significantly more efficient: More capacity and performance with fewer spindles
  • Easier to manage: Provision volumes in seconds, migrate volumes on the fly
  • More flexible
  • Less expensive
  • The foundation for cloud / converged infrastructure solutions