Your customers are under consistent pressure to lower their total cost of technology ownership while still ensuring that their technology infrastructure is current and optimally leveraged for the most business value. With access to technology financing, they can achieve this challenging balance all while assuring protection from technology obsolescence.

VeriStor Capital delivers the flexible financing programs your customers need to achieve more with their technology budget. But not only can technology financing make major technology acquisition more affordable, it also delivers an added layer of financial predictability that comes with an operating expense, versus a capital expense, for improved cash forecasting and protection from depreciation and technology obsolescence.


  • Lower overall cost
  • A natural obsolescence hedge
  • Off balance sheet financing
  • Increased return on assets
  • Lower-level acquisition decision maker
  • Lease affordability
  • Improved cash forecasting
  • Circumvent capital budget constraints
  • Flexibility and convenience

Today, companies of all sizes consider technology leasing as they procure new technology hardware, software, and services. Many select leasing options to achieve protection from the inherent risk of owning technology that may become easily outdated. Many companies also prefer leasing because it helps them to achieve more financial predictability and improves their balance sheet by moving the procured technology expense to an operating expense line item rather than a capital expense that can heavily impact their bottom line. Finally, many companies also select leasing because of its convenience and flexibility to procure bundled services and solutions into one comprehensive program.


  • Flexible payment options (annual, quarterly, monthly, and step)
  • Financing for multiple manufacturers on a single contract
  • Seamless process supported by a dedicated finance team
  • An independent, full-service provider with years of technology experience


Financing is more than just a numbers game – it is a service you can count on every day. VeriStor Capital understands how IT works, how equipment ages and depreciates, and how you leverage technology investments to gain efficiencies and competitive advantages. Our dedicated financing sales team has expertise in both IT and financing and works with you directly to ensure you feel confident throughout the entire process and, as the end result, receive a sound solution. Technology financing ensures your customers’ mission-critical applications are running at peak efficiencies and the daily operation of core networks, strategic applications, disaster recovery, and data security is properly maintained.