The VeriStor Health Check Service proactively validates the efficiency and performance of your environment – end-to-end – to optimize it for peak productivity and management ease.

You’ve invested in the performance and efficient operation of your infrastructure. You require it to deliver optimal productivity at all times. But how can you be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment?

The VeriStor Health Check Service is the ideal solution. Using proven methodologies and the expertise learned from thousands of deployments, we validate your infrastructure’s architecture and performance so you can identify problems before they happen. Then, we deliver a comprehensive set of recommendations to help you achieve your perfect state.


At VeriStor, we strive to optimize both your infrastructure and your budget. With our Health Check Services, we can help you avoid unnecessary upgrades and make the most out of your existing assets. Often, we can identify where performance gains can be realized through simple equipment moves. We can also pinpoint where server sprawl may be impacting your infrastructure or when you may not be making the most of your available bandwidth.

From software to hardware to network – the VeriStor Health Check Service gives you the peace of mind that your infrastructure is operating at its full potential. We’ll also provide guidance and strategies to address potential “weak link” areas in your environment that may need future upgrading, enabling your organization to proactively plan for the unexpected and ready your team with a roadmap for quick remediation when needed.


With a comprehensive health check, you receive VeriStor’s best practices alignment expertise with insight into how you can optimize the performance of your servers, storage, and network. We evaluate your infrastructure compared to industry benchmark standards for both high availability and redundancy as well as help evaluate the alignment of your IT infrastructure with your business goals so that you are ready to take on all the business initiatives your organization needs to grow and thrive.