VeriStor Infrastructure Documentation Services capture a complete blueprint of your environment – no matter how complex – so that you can be better prepared for the business changes that may lie ahead.

Complexity. It’s a growing challenge in every IT operation. The more you grow and add to your infrastructure, the more difficult it can be to effectively plan for new changes in the future.

With VeriStor Infrastructure Documentation Services, you can have the confidence of having a complete blueprint of the configuration of your environment. As business demands create new infrastructure changes, this comprehensive map of your operations will help you navigate the impact of new changes and the best processes to implement the strategies you need to support the business.


You can’t drive to a place you’ve never been without a GPS or a map. Similarly, if your organization is considering a data center move, consolidation, or major migration, VeriStor’s Infrastructure Documentation will give you the valuable details you need to ensure that your infrastructure’s architecture is delivering optimal performance before you embark on your project. Not only will it help to pinpoint trouble spots, it will also give you a complete architecture map to follow during your transformation process so you get to your desired state without unnecessary detours.


With comprehensive infrastructure documentation, you have a roadmap to follow for your future planning and strategy. But the benefits extend further – by documenting the details of your environment, you can recover faster and easier from failure, your new IT staff will learn your infrastructure faster, and you can save money when hiring external resources. With a map everyone can follow that’s comprehensive, easy to read, and fully categorized with pictures and Visio diagrams, your organization can achieve your IT goals faster and with less expense.