VeriStor employees recently supported two charities for the 2016 holiday season.  VeriStor’s sponsorship and volunteer support for the CURE Childhood Cancer organization date back to 2012 and the support for Hope Thru Soap is a new effort for the VeriStor team. Both organizations have roots in the Atlanta area and drive messaging and hope for charitable awareness for supporting childhood cancer and homeless causes.

CURE Childhood Cancer

The 2016 CURE Holiday Celebration raises financial support for children with cancer and their families through its extensive patient and family support programs. Hundreds of volunteers across the region helped turn the Opera Event Center into a winter wonderland for pediatric cancer patients and their families. The event was held on Sunday, December 4th, 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of the Opera Event Center, corporate donations, and volunteers, the 2016 event was a success. Children participated in a variety of holiday activities, and the CURE team livestreamed the event on Facebook.

Founded in 1975, Atlanta, Georgia-based CURE Childhood Cancer has raised millions of dollars for research and ongoing education of pediatric cancer. CURE Childhood Cancer offers programs that address the critical/urgent needs of patients and their families. For more information on year-round corporate sponsorships and volunteer opportunities, visit the CURE Childhood Cancer website.

Hope Thru Soap

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Hope thru Soap is a non-profit brainchild of Jason Winter, who resides with his family in Buford, GA. The motto for Hope Thru Soap is “Changing lives…one shower at a time!” Jason travels on a regular basis towing a portable shower facility downtown so the homeless can take showers.

In addition to providing a portable shower facility, Jason also organizes events to feed the homeless and distribute items to keep them warm and healthy. Most recently, he successfully organized and ran a Turkey in the Park event for area homeless on Thanksgiving.

The VeriStor family accepted an opportunity to make a difference during the upcoming holidays and winter weather in partnership with Hope Thru Soap. Participation was easy – Larry D. Jenkins, VeriStor Operations Support Manager, coordinated the efforts. He created a staging area in the warehouse where our team could easily drop off donations. He coordinated with Jason to come to the office for donation pick up on a regular basis.

VeriStor employees have been donating for the entire month of December, and VeriStor will close out the donation staging area on Friday, December 15th. Jason has already delivered many of the items to those in need, and he wants everyone to know that donations are already making a difference in the community.

Here is a quote from Jason Winter from the past weekend:

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to Hope Thru Soap! Marcus and I were able to pass out food and clothing after our lunch meeting today in the rain thanks to all of YOUR donations, one of which was a 68-year old Vietnam Vet ….all he wanted was a hoodie and socks, and that’s what he got.”

Hope Thru Soap has an active Facebook page, and local residents and businesses are encouraged to reach out to Jason to help make an even greater impact on helping the Atlanta area homeless population.

VeriStor is excited to help employees serve as volunteers and donors to local organizations and families, and showering people with care and compassion that are the hallmark of the Christmas season.