Backup and Recovery operations are one of the most rapidly changing facets of enterprise IT. In just a few years, the state-of-the-art has shifted from traditional tape-based backup operations to backup to disk and now backup to disk-based de-duplication targets. And the evolution is not stopping there.

Optimal Data Protection in today’s enterprise environments is based upon a mix of technologies and techniques that each provide different functions and different Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO/RTO) and each protects data according to where it exists in its lifecycle:

  • Snapshots (OS / Virtual Machine / Disk Array)
  • Primary Data Replication (Host and Array Based)
  • Disk-Based Backups (De-Duplicated) & Replication
  • Long Term Backup Retention (on Disk and/or Tape)

As in all aspects of infrastructure design, Veristor looks at Backup and Data Protection architecture holistically, understanding the business and technology goals, limitations, and objectives of each client.

Veristor was largely founded on Backup Architecture Optimization and continues to provide architecture and solutions in this space, while continuing to transition our customers from a ‘backup and recovery’ mode of operations to one of ‘replication and business continuity’.


‘Traditional’ Backup Software packages remain core components in nearly every enterprise infrastructure. These packages continue to evolve as well, with many now incorporating advanced technologies (such as De-duplication and Continuous Data Protection) that were previous only available in add-on hardware and software components. Veristor can help architect or re-architect/optimize these systems for maximum performance and efficiency.


With the low cost per TB and density of today’s SATA disk systems, the large majority of enterprise backup data sets belong on disk. Disk-based backups make backup operations faster, more efficient, and more reliable. New functions, such as power-managed RAID systems and data-de-duplication, are making it more cost-effective than ever to store larger backup data sets on disk than ever before. While many companies may still require Tape Library systems for storage of at least some portion of the backup data set, more and more companies are moving to a completely Tape-free data protection architecture.


While Data De-Duplication is beginning to make it’s way into production data management, the ‘killer application’ for de-duplication remains Backup and Recovery Operations. Based upon the way that data is written by backup software packages, de-duplication has become a ‘must-have’ for efficient storage of backup data sets and, more importantly, the efficient replication of those backup data sets to offsite locations. Veristor has implemented more de-dupe-enabled backup solutions with a wider variety of de-duplication products and technologies than any other solution provider in the Southeast.